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Interior Procedure


Furniture in rooms to be painted will be centered and covered with plastic. Floors are covered in drop cloths.


Walls are inspected. Walls may need to be scuffed up with sandpaper, holes will be filled, cracks will be meshed and patched, gaps are sealed with caulk, and any stain will be sealed with primer.


Any repair area will be sealed with primer. Surfaces will then be painted with brush and roller, or sprayed for proper coverage. End result should have straight lines near ceilings and trim.


Furniture is moved back. Floors are vacuumed or swept. Garbage is removed. Touch-up paint will be left with customer.


Close inspection for clean lines and cleanliness. Touch-ups are performed. If you are not happy we are not happy.


Exterior Procedure


Power washing is always recommended prior to painting or staining. We offer power washing as a part of our service. Loose paint chips are swept up. House will be given a day to dry.


House will be scraped, sanded, caulked and primed if necessary. Windows will be glazed if needed. Drop cloths are set to catch loose chips. We like to prep the entire house before painting. Complete stripping of paint and minor wood repair "by patching" is done only if customer requests it.


Drop cloths are set on roofs and/or ground to catch drips. House is then painted or stained. One coat is applied unless requested to do otherwise. This will be discussed at time of estimate.


There will be daily clean ups. All garbage is removed from job site. Any touch-up paint is left with the customer.


Touch-ups are performed. If you are not happy we are not happy.

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